Our Progress
If you want to see how Boonton is implementing our Neighborhood Preservation Program grant, this is the place to be!

Planter Program

Boonton Main Street's Design Team has for many years now provided additional planters to Main Street in strategic locations.  We were fortunate this year to work with external vendors to continue this program and beautify our district.  We'll be looking forward to working in tandem with the design team and additional volunteers in the future to continue this multi-season effort.

Facade Improvement Program

One of the most significant impacts we've been able to make this year is Facade enhancements to various properties within the district.  Providing grants to property and business owners alike has enabled us as a team to assist with creating enhancements to multiple properties throughout Main Street. This program will be the focal point of our efforts once again heading into 2023, continuing positive momentum that was built in 2022.

Pictured: Heavenly Temptations, second floor window replacements

Alleyway Enhancements

There are a number of alleyways throughout Main Street that lead you to Plane Street in the district. With these enhancements...we were able to create a safer and more aesthetically pleasing junction point that may be used by current and future residents in town. Enhancing these areas is in line with establishing additional connectivity between the various resources we have in our district.

Boardwalk Greenery

Data taken from our initial survey for the NPP suggested we place a high degree of focus on instilling additional "greenery" around town.  While there are limitations involved with using real plantings and vegetation...incorporating "faux greenery" into fencing and boardwalk locations creates a similar impact that can be felt.